Mittwoch, 8. August 2007


[10.27 AM Pacific on 08/08/07]
Second Life is experiencing issues related to network connectivity. Logins to SL have been temporarily disabled. Our Server Team is working to resolve this as soon as possible.

[Update 12.00 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
Logins are still disabled.

[Update 1.45 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
We have issues with Himbeerdrops obviously having been dropped into one of our frontend servers. In addition we found a female avatar stuck between some network cables, whose identity is still unclear. Thx for your patience.

[Update 1.49 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
Our ops team reports that the stuck avatar refuses to reveal her name but seemingly belongs to a bus company known as "2nd Travel". She claims to have lost some little bus engine parts somewhere between the Linden Lab Servers. We hope to see this issue resolved in short time!

[Update 2.15 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
We found 20 smaller parts and some spilled oil. Search continues.

[Update 2.33 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
The Female Avatar, now identified as a "Vitafit Wottitz" from the Kopikopiko SIM, is suspected to belong to a terrorist group trying to sabotage our software in order to get back to client version 1.12. In the meantime, a "Nuschi Martynov" and two other female avatar individuals have been seen between the cables, but could not be caught. Anyway, we hope to open the grid in short time.

[Update 3.00 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
The grid is coming up again! We apologize for any inconvenience. The Wottitz Avatar has got a 3hrs Ban from the Linden Lab Server Rooms. There is a 1000 L$ Reward for helping us to locate the rest of the bus team. Any hints will be highly welcome. Please IM Phil Linden or any member of staff.

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